Infinity Links are a team of passionate individuals that have an aim to solve a solution. Let's admit it - we've all forgotten a cable or forgot to charge our phone and come to realize that it's out of battery at some point. Infinity Links' bracelets doubles up as a charger so you'll never be in that situation again.
    Our charging bracelets are manufactured to the upmost quality and each bracelet passes through quality control which is individually inspected. We take pride in providing our customers the upmost quality. 

      How Do I Use The Bracelet?

      The bracelet has a functional slot that you simply pull to reveal the USB charger. From there you simply plug it into a USB socket or port as you normally would and charge your phone from there. It's that simple! 

      Which Size Should I Get?

      We offer a range of sizes. Our small size is ideal for women or teenagers with small-medium wrist sizes in which the 'Double Loop' or 'Small Size' will be the correct size. Those with larger than average wrist sizes should opt for the 'Single Loop Large' size as it is geared to those individuals.
        If you are struggling to choose the right size then simply DM us on Instagram @infinitylinks or shoot us an email support@infinitylinksnow.com and our friendly support team will give you some guidance.  


          Does It Cost Extra To Engrave My Bracelet?

          Nope! We offer complimentary engraving across our entire collection. So go on, get personalizing!

          How Long Will It Take To Ship My Order?

          • UK 2 Business Days
          • USA 5-7 Business Days
          • Canada 5-7 Business Days
          • International 7-10 Business Days

          Returns Procedure

          If you would like to return your item then please contact us at support@infinitylinksnow.com within 30 days of receiving your order. Our support team will help assist you with the returns procedure.

           If you have any further questions then feel free to contact us.